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We provide best in class specialist service for High Voltage Power Industries

Established since 1991, HVSM is a wholly Irish owned company which is headquartered in Ireland but is present and operating globally. We provide best in class specialist service for High Voltage Power Industries such as commercial, utilities, manufacturing, Life Science, data centres as well as the renewable energy sector.

At HVSM, we pride ourselves in our longevity in the market. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of High Voltage power systems, coupled with our long term, entrusted partnerships with global leading manufacturers, helps us to serve all aspects of the High voltage power sector. Our ethos is to consistently deliver excellence through service, expertise and tailored solutions ensuring that we not only meet but exceed customer expectations, every time.

Meet our Leaders

Steering our organisation towards innovation and excellence.

Photo of Mark O’Sullivan, Managing Director of HVSM
Mark O’Sullivan


Photo of David Bowes, Director of HVSM
David Bowes


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Patrick Rathborne


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James Dingle



With specialised expertise in the High Voltage Power Industries, our team delivers tailored solutions to propel your business forward. From power system design to advanced technology implementation, trust us to provide the expertise you need to excel in this dynamic sector.


  • Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS)

  • Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

  • Hybrid Switchgear

  • Metal Clad Switchgear

  • Bulk Oil Switchgear


  • Distribution Transformers (Oil Filled & Dry Type)

  • Power Transformers

  • Auto Transformers

  • Isolation Transformers

  • Earthing Transformers

  • Reactors

Protection Systems

  • Directional Protection (Overcurrent, Earth Fault)

  • Zone Protection (Transformer, Generator/Motor, Busbar, Cable Differential, RestrictedEarth Fault)

  • Impedance Protection (Distance Protection for Overhead Line, Cable & Loss of Excitation)

  • Synchronizing

  • Embedded Generation Interface Protection (G10, G59, EGIP)

HV Cable Systems

  • Teck Cables

  • Shielded Cables

  • Concentric Neutral Cables

  • Paper-Insulated Lead-sheath Cables

  • Submarine Cables

  • Mining Cables

  • Aluminium-Sheath Cables

And much more

  • Rotating Machines

  • Power Factor & Harmonic Filtering

  • Substation Earthing

  • AC & DC Distribution Systems

  • Substation Communication Protocols

Our Global Partners

Collaborating with global industry leaders, we ensure quality and innovation in our solutions. Experience the power of our partnerships, driving growth and sustainable progress in power delivery.

Their team is highly skilled, meticulous in their work, and always ensure that safety standards are met without compromise.

Damien Smith, Roadstone Limited

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