At HVSM, we offer a turnkey design solution in a streamlined and consistent approach from conception to completion.

Our engineers design substations with a focus on reliability & safety. This means that we have a full understanding of site reviews, analysis, calculations and design of high voltage projects and all necessary safe working procedures and practices.

HVSM’s design engineers can review, calculate, and design high voltage protection systems, switchgear ratings, selection and standards, power and distribution transformers, cables &containment systems for high voltage projects, using the latest software systems. We utilise calculations to established industry standards and models and produce electrical method statements and risk assessments for all our electrical work activities.

Our Partners

We proudly serve an array of esteemed clients, including industry-leading multinational corporations. Our unparalleled expertise and steadfast dedication have gained us trust across industries, reinforcing our commitment to deliver exceptional high voltage solutions.


HVSM has been operating since 1991 and is a wholly Irish owned and operated company. Since we were established we have built an excellent reputation for best in class specialist service in High Voltage Solutions.

Croke Park CJRL

Just a brief note to thank you and all the team in CJRL for an excellent job here on the Electrical Infrastructure upgrade.
From our point of view it has been a seamless piece of work, causing minimal delay to the operation of the Stadium during what is our busiest period of the year.Well done to all of you!

Roadstone Limited

HVSM Limited is an exceptional high and medium voltage electrical contractor. Their team is highly skilled, meticulous in their work, and always ensures that safety standards are met without compromise. We highly recommend their services to anyone in need of top quality HV / MV electrical contracting solutions.

Damien Smith, Electrical Manager