The fundamentals of Protection Testing

July 11, 2023

HVSM’s apprentices are exposed from a very early stage in their careers to the fundamentals of protection testing which includes reading & understanding schematics, single line diagrams, protection studies & protection relay logic & setting tools.

Here, our High Voltage Commissioning Manager Ian O' Sullivan is carrying out some on-site training with two of our apprentices. Mark Egan & Cian Hegarty are learning how to test overcurrent & earth fault relays on Schneider Electric CBGS-0 33 kV switchgear, where HVSM is currently commissioning the 110/33 kV IPP substation for a client.

They are using OMICRON electronics Test Universe software combined with a CMC 356 secondary injection kit & Schneider P3U30 protection & Control relays using Easergy Pro software.

This on-site training, coupled with appropriate theory on Power Systems, will give our future High Voltage Commissioning Engineers the steppingstone to face more complex protection systems.

If you would like to enquire about our training programs, please contact and one of our engineers will arrange a call to discuss your requirements.